What is Self-Made Wealth?

Self-Made WEALTH Program Overview

You’re about to embark on a journey to learning how to create WEALTH for yourself in
your life.
After investing many, many years trying to !gure out what separates people who are
“self-made” and highly successful from those who are unsuccessful in life, Eben Pagan –
founder of $30M company – has found a “path” that he and others can follow.
With that in mind, he created Self-Made WEALTH, a program created to help students
develop healthy and sustainable approaches to spending, saving, and investing for life.
Inside this program, you’ll be challenged to examine your limiting beliefs and
experiences… your emotional relationship with money… your feelings toward people
who are successful… and your daily actions and habits with money.
We’re going to really “dig in” and !nd those blocks to your success, and replace them
with a foundation of healthy and productive mindsets, emotions, and habits… that will
help to “automatically” create the kind of personal and !nancial success that you want in
We’ll start with the “Inner Game” of wealth creation – getting your mind, beliefs and
emotions lined up so you don’t sabotage your chances for long-term money-making
Then we move on to the “Outer Game” of wealth creation – learning exactly where to
invest, how to spend your time, and how to set up systems in your life that make wealth
creation inevitable.
To get started, watch the Introduction video (which is intense and in-depth, so plan to
give it your attention!), then watch the !rst Fast-Start video, and do the !rst exercise.
Tomorrow, come back to watch your second Fast-Start video and do your second
exercise. You’ll do one every day for the next 4 days.
At the end of this next 13 weeks, you’re going to have an amazing set of mindsets and
tools that has taken many, many years to discover, test, re!ne, and organize into this
system for you. Not only will you learn from the videos, you’ll also complete exercises to help you crystallize a complete money-making strategy by program’s end.
Get a free preview of Eben Pagan’s Self Made Wealth program, hurry to http://www.selfmadewealth.net/sneak-peek/

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