Eben Pagan

Eben Pagan has often told the story of how he grew up being very poor. I did not know anybody who was rich. He didn’t even know anyone who knew someone who was rich… It all changed when he started writing a little e-book, which he then sold for $47. As he perfected his marketing skills, his sales started picking up.

Today Eben Pagan owns several companies that generate an estimated $ 30 million every year, all through the internet. He is a well respected business coach, internet marketer, information product creator and has recently been actively investing in new software companies.

He now offers high end productivity programs and training programs that help business owners start and grow their businesses to the next level. Examples of Eben Pagan’s programs are:


Guru Product Blueprints is here!

If you’re looking for Guru Product Blueprints, you’re in luck… Eben Pagan has released this amazing product creation course in which you’ll see first-hand how he creates a multi-million dollar information product, in real-time! In Guru Product Blueprints this happens right before your eyes.

Eben Pagan’s Guru Product Blueprints teaches you (using live online trainings and exercises) how to create your very own mega-successful information product. This can be an e-book, video course, coaching, speaking, and more… anything where you are teaching people about what you know. You’ll have the exact blueprint that Eben Pagan uses to create the information products that make his company over $25 million per year!

Guru Product Blueprints is available for just a few days, so act now… Claim your seat and start attracting that avalanche of cash with your own information products.

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Self Made Wealth is Closed, BUT…

Many good things don’t last forever. Self Made Wealth is now closed and not accepting new members anymore… for now.

However, you can be the first to know when Eben Pagan plans to open up Self-Made Wealth again.

Just head over to http://www.IGNITION.info, where you can receive access to inside information about all of Eben’s programs, including Self-Made Wealth, Ignition and others (even some of which have not been released to the public yet!).  

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Self Made Wealth now LIVE!

Eben Pagan just launched Self Made Wealth, the ultimate wealth creation and mindset program available. To get your copy, just go to:


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Self-Made Wealth Preview

It’s official… Self Made Wealth is a HUGE success.

Self Made Wealth Video

Self Made Wealth Video

Eben Pagan just released a new video explaining everything you never knew but NEED to know about money and wealth creation.


(you’ll also get a wealth-creation exercise and PDF loaded with information on how to build wealth)

One of the things I like most about Eben Pagan’s Self-Made Wealth is that it focuses on providing value instead of focusing on money itself. Money is a means to getting what you want… a tool and not the goal. When you provide value to others, wealth is an automatic consequence.

In Self Made Wealth you will get step-by-step instructions to apply these in your life. To get your free instructions, see the video at:


What is Self-Made Wealth?

Self-Made WEALTH Program Overview

You’re about to embark on a journey to learning how to create WEALTH for yourself in
your life.
After investing many, many years trying to !gure out what separates people who are
“self-made” and highly successful from those who are unsuccessful in life, Eben Pagan –
founder of $30M company – has found a “path” that he and others can follow.
With that in mind, he created Self-Made WEALTH, a program created to help students
develop healthy and sustainable approaches to spending, saving, and investing for life.
Inside this program, you’ll be challenged to examine your limiting beliefs and
experiences… your emotional relationship with money… your feelings toward people
who are successful… and your daily actions and habits with money.
We’re going to really “dig in” and !nd those blocks to your success, and replace them
with a foundation of healthy and productive mindsets, emotions, and habits… that will
help to “automatically” create the kind of personal and !nancial success that you want in
We’ll start with the “Inner Game” of wealth creation – getting your mind, beliefs and
emotions lined up so you don’t sabotage your chances for long-term money-making
Then we move on to the “Outer Game” of wealth creation – learning exactly where to
invest, how to spend your time, and how to set up systems in your life that make wealth
creation inevitable.
To get started, watch the Introduction video (which is intense and in-depth, so plan to
give it your attention!), then watch the !rst Fast-Start video, and do the !rst exercise.
Tomorrow, come back to watch your second Fast-Start video and do your second
exercise. You’ll do one every day for the next 4 days.
At the end of this next 13 weeks, you’re going to have an amazing set of mindsets and
tools that has taken many, many years to discover, test, re!ne, and organize into this
system for you. Not only will you learn from the videos, you’ll also complete exercises to help you crystallize a complete money-making strategy by program’s end.
Get a free preview of Eben Pagan’s Self Made Wealth program, hurry to http://www.selfmadewealth.net/sneak-peek/

Self-Made Wealth Bonus

The best Self-Made Wealth bonus ever offered!

When you buy Self-Made Wealth using our affiliate link, you’ll get a topsecret report with an ancient and long-forgotten secret that can get  you to the top of search engines (yes, even Google). If you are selling affiliate products, you NEED to know this. Imagine being an affiliate that gets higher rankings than the maker of the product you’re selling… If you’re thinking $$$, then you’re probably right 🙂 This report will show you the exact steps you need to take in a simple copy-paste-edit format.

What this is NOT:

  • This is NOT something that the so-called know-it-all gurus even know about. Even IF they knew, they sure aren’t talking about it to ANYONE… so it must be THAT good!
  • This is NOT something that you need to tweak time and time again. Just set and go watch your affiliate commission checks fly to your doorstep!
  • This is NOT some lame, untested system; it DOES work and you CAN make money on this*
  • This is NOT something that will cost you a large amount of time to learn… It’s so simple that even a monkey could do it

It’s a simple, yet effective system that can earn you a lot of affiliate commissions when done right!

To claim your Self-Made Wealth bonus, follow the next steps:

  1. Join Self Made Wealth through THIS link:
  2. Send your full name and your transaction number to: bonus at SelfMadeWealth.net
  3. As soon as we have verified your order, we’ll send you a the system
  4. Nah… three steps are enough 🙂

In ADDITION to the above, you’ll also receive:

  • 90 Days of Live Coaching & Mentoring Classes:
    Weekly classes with Eben to participate and ask questions if you need to
  • MONEY Psychology 10-Session Training Course:
    You can listen to this program immediately to get your Mindset right
  • Turning Talent Into Income Live Training:
    1-Day Live training to identify your “Marketable Talents” & develop them!
  • IGNITION Start-Up Business Training Program:
    10 proven online business models that work PLUS how to set them up
  • GURU Home Study Course DVD & CD Program:
    3 complete DVD programs on how to build an Information Business
  • MARKETING Setp By Step Video Training Course:
    Eben Pagan’s newest training program to learn the most important business skills
  • “Your Business Genius” Profile & Training Series:
    In-depth personality & skills analysis plus 6 weeks of live trainings
  • Live 1-on-1 Strategy Session To Plan Your Action:
    A live session to plan exactly WHAT and HOW you’re going to do next in business

Get it ALL when you join Self-Made Wealth right now through this link:


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* Although this system has been very successfully tested, your results may vary and may depend on other factors than this system. Hence, I can not guarantee that this works in your particular case with your particular offer.

Buying through the link above will earn us commissions that enables us to give you the priceless bonus that we give you.

Self-Made Wealth by Eben Pagan!

Self-Made Wealth

Self-Made Wealth

Eben Pagan just announced that his Self-Made Wealth program will open up again soon!

What is Self-Made Wealth?
This program is designed by Eben Pagan to help YOU overcome every obstacle that has been keeping you from achieving the success you dream about. Wealth can be self-made.

What will you get in Eben Pagan’s program?

Everything you need to create wealth for yourself:

The Self-Made WEALTH Program includes:
  • A Self-Made WEALTH Introduction Video with Eben
  • 5 “Fast-Start” Video Sessions
  • 12 Video Training Sessions delivered over 12 weeks
  • 12 Downloadable Session Summaries
  • 17 Self Made WEALTH Exercises
  • A members’ area where students can comment on sessions and interact with each other
Each Video Training Session includes:
  • An MP4 Audio download to listen on the run
  • An MP3 Video download for replaying the sessions
  • A Summary of the key points in the training
  • “Self Made WEALTH” Exercises

You will NOT want to miss this. More about the Self-Made Wealth program on this blog shortly!

Self Made Wealth affiliate program

Affiliates can join Eben Pagan’s Self Made Wealth affiliate program and earn money selling this awesome course. If you want reliable on-time payments for your affiliate commissions, join Eben Pagan’s affiliate program now.

Just go to http://www.SelfMadeWealth.net/affiliates/

Once approved, you’ll automatically become an affiliate for his other courses as well, including Altitude, Guru Mastermind, Guru BluePrint, Ignition, Wake Up Productive and more…

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* Note: you’ll see “Altitude Affiliate Program” on this page: this is Eben Pagan’s company handling the affiliates for all his programs.